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Wig Care Products
Proper care for your wigs need proper accessories to care for your wigs. These include a wig brush, wig comb, wig stand, wig shampoo and conditioner, and various wig styling products. All the wig care products and accessories are available right here at jennyshairsense. If you do not desire shine in your wig, simply use a powdered wig wand to create the matte affect, then shaking excess power loose. If you want more sheen or shine to your wig, try our wig sheen spray for the fabulous, right out of the salon appeal.

Always comb or brush the wig starting at the ends, and not the roots by using a wide tooth pick, wire wig teasing brush or your bare fingers. Wash your wig after every 12 to 15 wearing. And remember, always store the wig in a closed space, such as a closet, at room temperature and on a wig stand or a foam head.

Finally, don't forget to accessorize your wig with our most fashionable HATS!