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Heat Resistant Wigs

Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair is the next innovation in the hairstyle wig industry. If you've been dreaming of having a wig with baked in style, but wanting to change it up once in a while, here is your answer. Never before have you been able to flat iron, curl or heat style without damaging synthetic wigs. Now you can! This innovative fiber technology offers you the same styling options as natural human hair, so you can create any style you want and change it at a moment's notice. This exclusive heat-friendly synthetic hair is available in selected styles.

With heat friendly/heat resistant wigs, you can work with up to 350 degrees! Using a temperature controlled curling iron or flat iron, you can adjust the temperature to the appropriate setting. You can style the fiber like your own human hair.

Special Note: When curling the hair, hold the curl for 60 seconds in the iron to bake the curl in. Next, clip and allow the curl to cool for beautiful, bouncy curls. To straighten, simply run your flat iron over the hair at approximately 1 inch per second. Any style you create stays locked in place until heat-styled again.

When styling your heat-friendly synthetic hair wig curly or straight, keep in mind that once you alter the wig you wont get the original style back. We recommend you purchase two of the same heat-friendly wig so that you can style one & keep the other as is.