Shipping/Handling Fees & Transit Time

US Domestic Transit time 1st Item Each additional Item
USPS Priority Mail Delivery in 2-4 business days $9.95 $4.95
USPS Express Delivery in 1-2 business days $49.95 $5.95
NOTE:  USPS Express delivers overnight to most zones, however, depending on your zone, it may take up to 2 business days.   For more accurate transit time, please visit


Europe & Other Countries Transit time 1st Item Each additional Item
USPS Global Priority Mail International Delivery in 7-21 business days $43.95 $5.95
USPS Global Express International


Delivery in 4-7 business days






Note:  International deliveries may get delayed in case of customs inspection.


All items are shipped DISCREETLY
There is no mention of wig or wig product on the shipping container and our return label address.  All items are shipped from JS and Company, Inc. Katy, TX 77494


Please note that shipping charges for over sized items (such as liquid product combo set) will be excluded from consolidation.  An over sized item will consolidate into your order for the purposes of payment and shipping in the same container, but its published shipping charge will be added to the combined shipping charge for the remaining items.

Note: All shipping transit times are listed based on USPS published time frame, for more detailed information, please refer to


Late Packages
Once your package is given to USPS, we have fulfilled our responsibility to you as a seller, in delivering your product(s).  We are NOT responsible for USPS or your country's mail services.  Those services are as frustrating for us as they are for the buyer when products are not delivered in timely manner as they should be.

Payment Options


We accept all major credit cards.  All Credit Card charges will appear as JS and Company, Inc
NOTE: Credit cards are charged upon your order placement. If we are unable to fulfill our obligation to ship any order, we will refund the amount charged to the original credit card. Please note that we cannot charge your credit card on our side. Your credit card is charged only if you fulfill your order yourself.

Online Order
We use a secure server for your privacy and security. Online payment using the above mentioned credit cards could be made during your checkout process.

Note: All shipping transit times are listed based on USPS published time frame, for more detailed information, please refer to

Customs taxes/duty Information

These are fees collected by the country where the order is being shipped to. We have no control over this and cannot predict what they may be. All international customers are responsible for these charges. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; you should contact your local customs office for further information. Additionally, when ordering from JS&Company,Inc., you are considered the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which you are receiving the goods.Please review below.

The shipping costs which you pay when you purchase an item from us covers the postage and handling fee we have to pay in order to actually mail the package. Any additional costs are the responsibility of the buyer. The shipping and handling fees are completely different and separate from import, duty, customs, delivery fees your country imposes on you. Please find out what they are before purchasing because the buyer is responsible for these costs if there are any. We do describe all wigs as fashion accessories on the custom's form. We are required to state the wig as a commercial sample, gift, or other(online purchase). We are required to state the value of the product on the custom form.

IMPORTANT: In general, with USPS shipping method (US MAIL), this gets delivered in the local country by the government postal service, thereby saving some amount of brokerage and/or other courier-specific charges. (examples of this shipping method are USPS Global Express Mail, and World Mail). Note: We CANNOT be held responsible for any type of taxes, brokerage fees, or duties, levied upon the recipient when receiving a parcel that comes from us in the USA. Also, we DO NOT change the customs value of merchandise. We cannot declare lower amounts that what the merchandise is worth.

Duties & Taxes

All items entering a foreign country are subject to customs inspection and the assessment of duties and taxes in accordance with that country's national laws. Customs duties and taxes are assessed, generally, if the merchandise is dutiable and the value of the item is above the threshold set by the country's laws. If duties and taxes are assessed on an item mailed via the Postal Service, they are collected from the recipient.

NOTE: Lately the customs and postal offices of different countries have been misreading the customs label (inexperienced postal workers I assume) and charging outrageous fees. PLEASE QUESTION THEM...YOU DO NOT OWE OUTRAGEOUS FEES TO RECEIVE YOUR PACKAGE. IF YOU RECEIVE YOUR PACKAGE AND OWE ADDITIONAL OUTRAGEOUS FEES, ASK THE POSTAL SERVICE EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE FOR, YOU WILL FIND THEY HAVE MADE A MISTAKE AND YOU DO NOT OWE THESE FEES.

Additional Shipping and Handling Charges |

For any package returned to us due to a bad address, refusal upon delivery, or cancellation, there will be an additional handling charge of 25% of your total order (50% on international orders). Shipping and handling charges are non refundable.